Community. Leadership. Commitment.

My family moved to Livermore 30 years ago because we loved its unique blend of cultures. We raised our children on 4-H, science, and the arts. Though Livermore has grown since my family’s arrival, its essential character remains and has inspired my children to raise their own children here. Now we residents must act purposefully to respond to the future’s challenges and opportunities                                                                                    

  • Manage local and regional transportation issues.
  • Ensure Stockman’s Park, Livermore’s cultural and community heart, becomes reality.
  • Protect precious open space while creating much needed affordable workforce housing.
  • Maintain fiscal stability while caring for our town and its aging infrastructure.
  • Support our most vulnerable populations for the security of all.

Achieving these common goals requires bringing people together to develop solutions that work for everyone. I have spent my life nurturing groups and communities so they thrive: as Livermore resident, as parent and grandparent, as teacher and mentor, and as congregational leader and Livermore Shakespeare Festival board member. Professionally, my research focuses on the sociology of how communities unite. As council member, I commit to listening to different viewpoints, cooperating with others to solve problems, and communicating results clearly. I am ready to bring my skills and passion to serve the city I love.

Trish Munro