Asked by several people today: how about those district elections?

Livermore is currently working on a redistricting plan that will be in place in 2020. The 2018 elections remain at large elections: Livermore residents will vote for two candidates, one of whom will be me, I hope!

California law requires that cities of 100K or more have districts; Livermore currently has 91K residents. Yes, it was forced on the city, but it would have happened soon enough.

You can find both demographic maps and five drafts maps here. They’re worth checking out to see similarities and differences. Then submit your comments or plan to attend the City Council meeting on September 10 and October 8. Interesting stuff!

I’ve also heard concerns about creating little territories within Livermore. Sure, that’s a possibility, but it’s hardly inevitable. We have a culture that values community. We can continue to cultivate a culture in which City Council members say “The good of the city benefits all.”

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