Who donates to your campaign and how much? I heard that it all comes from unions.

I was informed that this question–framed less politely–was circulating on the Facebook page, Livermore Rants & Raves. I answer it below.

I believe that political campaigns should be funded by those who support a candidate’s position. I have made my position clear and have accepted donations ranging from $10 to $1000 almost all of which is from individuals. My donations total around $15,000. I have used that money to pay for literature, signs, and one staff member, who is working around the clock to keep this grassroots campaign going strong.

I was approached by two unions, both part of the building trades, and met with their representatives regarding endorsement and support. I told them that while I support the principle of unions, I view every issue on a case by case basis. I cited Measure U as an example of a case where I strongly oppose a union’s action and will continue to do so. I hold that position: I believe unions deserve a place at the table along with other groups and will advocate for that place AND I do not and will not privilege any group over another.

I made the decision to accept donations from unions (and this would apply to other organizations on a case by case basis) with the following criteria: I would not accept more than I would take from any individual donor. I have accepted several $1000 dollar donations, including one from my parents, therefore I was willing to accept that amount from a union.

The idea that “most of my funding” is from unions is absurd, but as we begin the slide into the mud, not unexpected. Please do not be fooled by the mud.