John Marchand, Livermore Mayor

Bob Woerner, Livermore Vice-Mayor

Steven Spedowfski, City Council Member, says:

Our community will face many challenges in the coming years. Maintaining our existing infrastructure, addressing rising personnel costs, and preserving our quality of life will take leadership we can trust. I support Trish because she takes the time to research local issues and strives to understand viewpoints from all groups before making decisions.

Bob Coomber, City Council Member

Alameda County Democrats

Tri-Valley Democratic Club

Sheet Metal Workers Local 104

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 595

Alameda Country Building Trades

East Bay Times/Mercury News

We opt for Munro because of her enthusiasm for the council’s fiscally responsible management approach.

Pleasanton Weekly 

Of the three challengers, Patricia Munro has our support. A sociologist who’s held leadership roles in her Jewish congregation and with the Livermore Shakespeare Festival board, Munro appears focused on collaboration to achieve community goals. She offered a strong perspective at our forum for her priorities of transportation, smart growth, Stockmen’s Park and helping vulnerable populations.

Gina Bonanno, Planning Commission Member

Alan and Mary Burnham, Livermore Residents

Jim Green, Former Principal of Livermore High School, and Molly Bang, Livermore resident, say:

We’ve known Trish for almost 20 years. Throughout that time, we’ve seen her active
commitment to Livermore and its community. She listens very attentively, analyzes with care and acts decisively until the project is thoroughly and effectively finished. Trish is  smart, thoughtful, and gives wholehearted energy to whatever she commits to. She has consistently supported inclusiveness of every kind, and is generous with her time and effort.
We give her our full support.

Beth Wilson, LARPD Board Member, says:

“I’ve known Trish for over 30 years. She is a model of integrity and someone who cares deeply about the community.”

Sally Brown, Livermore Resident, says:


We shall:

T ackle, resolve and manage transportation issues

R ealize the fruition of Stockman’s Park

I nsure protection of accessible open space

S upply affordable workforce housing

H onor and invest in Livermore’s aging infrastructure

M aintain fiscal responsibility

U nite to support our most vulnerable population, as

N ecessary to the security of us all

R ealizing the community and Council must

O perate together.

Rachael Snedecor, Livermore Resident

Martin Finston, Lawyer, Former Livermore Resident

Lisa Tromovitch, Artistic Director of Livermore Shakespeare Festival

Janet Lide, Livermore Shakespeare Company Board Secretary, Says:

I have worked with Trish through Livermore Shakespeare Festival.  She is a great collaborative worker who has creative ideas but keeps in mind the goals and mission of the organization.  I am confident that she will do the same for the city of Livermore.

Katie Marcel, Managing Director of Livermore Shakespeare Festival

Dave Finster, Director and Past President of the Livermore Stockmen’s Rodeo Association

Genevieve Getman-Sowa, Livermore Resident, says:

I’ve known Trish for 30 years; I can truly say that she is one of the most capable, intelligent and involved community leaders I’ve ever known. Trish cares deeply about Livermore and–I know this from experience!–she does not shy away from taking an honest look at local issues and seeking creative solutions with defined outcomes to improve the quality of life for all members of our community.

Cathy Gabor, Former Collaborator and Tri-Valley Resident, says:

Trish Munro is not only a hard worker, she is a “hard listener.” If you have something to say, she will truly listen and seriously consider all points of view. In this time of national and partisan divisiveness, what Livermore needs is someone like Trish who brings people together.