I need your help to win this election. Grassroots power—your time and passion—wins over money every time, and I believe we have this. Here’s what we need to do: knock doors and drop literature, make phone calls and text, place signs, and more, we need all the passion and time from volunteers to assist with door knocking, literature dropping, phoning, sign placement, and write letters to the editor. I appreciate any time that you can give to elect Trish4Livermore!

I believe in investing in people and effective methods. Campaign funds will go to a modest campaign staff, minimal flyers and signs, and to volunteer support. That’s it. No donation is too small and no donation is too big, but no matter the size I will use your contribution responsibly.

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Canvassing is the single most effective way to reach voters and we want to reach as many Livermore voters as possible. We’ll be walking every Saturday and Sunday from the end of August through the election to get out the vote on November 6. Sign up for one shift or many here:

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We need people who can help people knocking doors get organized. Can you distribute route materials for volunteers and trouble-shoot problems that arise?  Sign up for a day, a weekend, or more here:

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In order to represent all the people of Livermore, I need to understand who we are, what we need, and what we want. I need to talk to people, especially those I don’t already know. I need your help to meet them.

There’s a lot of people in Livermore. You know people we don’t. Can you invite them over for an evening to schmooze with Trish? For more information, please fill out the form below and we will send you what you need to know.

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Endorsements are a great way to demonstrate your trust in me and help others do the same. Voters are likely to support candidates who are endorsed by those they trust. If you support my platform or believe that I can represent you well, I ask that you put your name behind my campaign and introduce me to others who will do the same.

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